The Contemporary Silver Gallery is based in Lindfield, West Sussex, and specialises in the sale of Contemporary Silver from leading British Silversmiths.

We regularly commission new works – principally in Silver, and Silver and Enamel, and we are therefore able to show at our Gallery a broad stock of unique pieces by the very best silversmiths and enamellers.

We normally hold over 50 pieces of Contemporary Silver/Enamel in stock – including works from Rod Kelly, Jane Short, Michael Lloyd, Phil Barnes, Ian Calvert, Malcolm Appleby, Alex Brogden and many others. The Gallery is only open by appointment – Monday to Saturday 10.00am to 4.00pm, and pieces can be viewed either at the Gallery or we are able to bring individual pieces to London to be viewed at the Goldsmiths Centre near Farringdon. We normally hold at least one major exhibition each year – usually in May or June, when we exhibit the latest pieces from 30-40 contemporary silversmiths and enamellers. We show around 150-180 individual exhibits, all of which are for sale.

We also show a range of work from top class Contemporary Designer/ Jewellers, in gold, silver and enamel, at this exhibition, and typically have 250-300 individual pieces on display – again all for sale.

Our Winter Exhibition – which runs on selected days between mid November and late December is increasingly popular for unique contemporary jewellery and silverware gifts. The dates of our Winter Exhibition can be found on the Exhibitions Page.

We also exhibit in London, and other locations in the UK from time to time, and these exhibitions are advised on the Website.

If you would like to attend any of our Exhibitions, please Contact Us and we will be pleased to add your name to our invitation list.

Pieces currently available for purchase can be seen by going to New Work Available, whilst our Gallery page shows a range of pieces now placed with clients.

We look forward to talking with you, and showing you the very best in Silver and Enamel.

John Higgins