Jane Adam was born in London. After a short career in retail management at Heal’s and Liberty’s, she studied for a degree in Wood, Metal and Ceramics at Manchester Polytechnic followed by an MA in Metalwork and Jewellery at the Royal College of Art. Soon after graduating in 1985, she set up her studio in central London. Since then, she has concentrated full time on making jewellery, managing to combine artistic integrity, ongoing experimentation and technical innovation with a grounded sense of commercial reality, to design and create ranges of jewellery that appeal to women of all ages.

Her original techniques of colouring and forming aluminium jewellery inspired a new movement in the UK and abroad but for the last ten years she has also worked in precious metals, enjoying their subtle colours and inherent beauty, their generosity in creating form, their timelessness and emotional power.

Jane comments “I experiment with materials to explore their inherent qualities. I am interested in certain qualities: a balance between symmetry and irregularity, a focus on surface colour and texture, the containment of secrets within a form, and a consideration of what preciousness is. I push my materials to their limits to explore their inherent qualities, such how a metal tears or gains texture under stress, or the way a scratched line changes its physical character when it is  stretched or compressed.”

Jane Adam creates pieces that extend traditional jewellery values: beauty, femininity and preciousness. Her work explores female sensuality, both in the nature of the forms themselves and in the way they feel when worn. By becoming part of the wearer’s experience and expression of herself, Jane’s jewellery is transformed and completed.

Her jewellery has been internationally recognised for over thirty years and can be seen in more than twenty museums and major permanent collections, in exhibitions and galleries throughout the UK, and in Europe, Japan and the USA

She was a maker trustee and then co-vice chair of the Crafts Council, and a founder, vice-chair and chairman of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery, and has been involved in many committees, selection and advisory panels for the crafts and jewellery sectors. She was Research Fellow at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham from 1997 to 2001, and is currently a trustee of Cockpit Arts, where she had her workshop for many years before moving in 2015 to her own studio in South-west London.

We are delighted to once again exhibit Jane’s gorgeou s creative and innovative jewellery during our Summer Exhibition in Lindfield, West Sussex, which starts on June 21 and runs until 1 July (both dates inclusive). The Gallery is open each day during the exhibition from 9.30am to 4.30pm. If you would like an invitation to visit this selling exhibition, please contact us.